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Varsity Boys Soccer Defeats the Trojans

Jason Lionberg (11) intercepts the ball before a Highland player is able to make a goal. The game started at 7 p.m.

Story Originally Published On: August 30,2015 on

On Monday night, the boys varsity soccer team defeated the Highland Trojans with a score of 4-0. The game was at home and started at 7 p.m.

“We started off OK, and then we were still able to step up and get a goal.  Even though we weren’t at our full 100 percent, second half was when we started to get into our groove. We were the actual team that I know we could be,” Michael McClelland (12) said.

The first half of the game consisted of back and forth passing between teams, leaving Lake Central with a leading score of 1-0 at halftime. As the second half began, the excitement from the crowd made the atmosphere full of ferocity, forcing the Indians to triumph against the Trojans.

“I thought we played a really great game. We finally put some goals in so that was nice. We possessed really well. We didn’t give them any opportunities against us,” Christopher Baranowski (11) said.

Varsity’s win was a great way to start the season. The boys had some struggles here and there, but they are willing to go through the season correcting those mistakes to be able to go to State.

“I think there is room for improvements all around.  Everybody has their own improvements that they can work on,” Benjamin Klebs (12) said.


In his first game of his high school soccer career, Cole Rainwater (9) arrests the ball from his opponent. The game took place at home.
Benjamin Klebs (12) starts off his senior soccer season by deflecting the ball from his highland opponent. He said that he is looking at the season as if every game was his last.
Making sure his team is ready, Diego Ruiz (10) scans the field to find an open player to pass the ball to. The team beat the Trojans 4-0.
Christopher Baranowski (11) strides to run out his opponent to score a goal before the first half ends. Baranowski played center-mid in past seasons.
Waiting for the referee to start the game, Miguel Palcios (12) searches to find an open team member to kick the ball toward. Shortly after, the team made their second goal of the second half.
Running against his highland opponent, Daniel Picioski (11) passes the ball toward a fellow team member. The final score was 4-0.



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