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Pulling Down the Pirates

10-15-15-Freshman Boys Vs. Merriville-Ward #5.jpg
As the referee tries to make a call, both of the teams surround the tackle. The next game will be on Saturday, Oct. 17.

Story Originally Published On: October 19,2015 on

On Thursday Oct. 15, the Indians freshman football team defeated the Merrillville Pirates with a final score of 19-14 at Merrillville High School.

The Indians took the lead with a score of 16-4 in the first half, leaving the Pirates faced with a challenge.

“We got knocked down a couple times, but we were able to stay in it and finish the game,” Nick Garcia (9) said.

After halftime, the Pirates stepped up their game, placing the Indians at a disadvantage. The fans became boisterous, trying to cheer their team on for the victory.

“Our defense and offense [could have been] a little better,” Richard Wisz (9) said.

With the help of the coaches and the fans, the Indians prevailed with a score of 19-14, leaving the  the Indians undefeated. The next game for the freshman boys will be on Saturday, Oct. 17 at 9 a.m.
“The goal is to win our last game and go all the way undefeated,” Zachary Bundalo (9) said.

10-15-15-Freshman Boys Vs. Merriville-Ward #3
Quincy Tribble (9) runs towards the end zone as he faces a Merrillville Pirate. Lake Central won the game with a score of 19-14.
10-15-15-Freshman Boys Vs. Merriville-Ward #4
Waiting for the Pirates to start their play, Mohanad Suleiman (9) gets into position to tackle his opponent. The game began at 6 p.m.
new Freshman football #1
The defense team waits for Coach Brian Tomson, Social Studies, to call them into play. The game was located at Merrillville High School.
new freshman football #2
Devin Menconi (9) waits for the referee’s call to start the game. The game took place on Thursday, Oct. 15.

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