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Preparing for Holiday Joy

Story Originally Published On: November 9,2015 on lakecentralnews.com

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas are just some of the holidays that are quickly approaching. Along with the holiday cheer and festive decoration comes planning, a great deal of stress and an immense amount of procrastination.

“I always go to Bath and Body Works and get the holiday candles and lotions. I try to save up all my money so I can buy my friends gifts,”Cailee Mitchell (10)said.

Once Oct. 31 passes, the holiday music, decorations and cookbooks come out of storage bins and fill our homes with cheer.

“I make my Christmas list ahead of time and email them to my aunt and parents. They always have a Christmas list [from] me by November. My mom and I also start planning our dinner menu early, and we’re always looking to make something new,” Taylor Rudnik (11) said.

Many students prepare for these joy-filled days in a number of ways, but the best outcome of all the hassle is Winter Break.


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