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The Indians tackle the Trojans to block them from completing a play. Lake Central won the game with a score of 21-20.

Story Originally Published On: October 24,2016


On Friday, Oct. 14, the Varsity football team charged against the Valparaiso Trojans during their last home game of the season. The boys had a rocky start to the game, but in the last thirty-eight seconds, they had an unbelievable touchdown from Joshua Williams (11) that led them to winning the game with a score of 21-20.

“It was the greatest game I’ve played at Lake Central so far. It was awesome that we were finally able to comeback and actually win it. The whole year, we have been preaching, ‘Finish, finish, finish,’ and we were finally able to do it,” Mike Pena (12) said.

In the first half of the game, the Trojans had some turnovers, causing the Indians to have to work more. In the end of the second quarter, the Indians were losing with a score of 0-10 at halftime, leaving Valparaiso with a lead on the game.

“The game was an emotional roller coaster. There was a lot of turnovers from both teams, and the defense did a really nice job.The best part of the game was when we scored with thirty-eight seconds left on the clock.  It was an awesome game to win, and the best win the team has ever had,” Dakota Barnett (12) said.

With the win under their belt, the Indians have qualified for the playoffs. These next few games will determine whether or not the boys will go to Sectionals and continue their journey of the 2016 season.

“I’m excited for playoffs because even though we’ve had a mediocre season, people are only gonna remember you from what you do in the playoffs, so you have to make an impact while playing in them,” Nicholas Lucas (12) said.

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